Far Cry 5: Co-Op trailer

October 30, 2017

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Far Cry 5 showing off the game's co-op mode. 




Q. Do I need an Internet connection to play co-op? 
A. Yes, in order to play in co-op you need an Internet connection and a PS Plus membership or Xbox Live Gold membership on consoles.

Q. What missions can be played in co-op? 
A. All missions are playable in co-op in Far Cry 5.

Q. How do I invite my friend to play co-op? 
A. The invitation system is based on your platform friends list (PC, PSN, Xbox Live). You can invite one friend to join your game in co-op. 
In the game’s Main Menu, you can invite a friend to join your game using your friends list. Once your friend has accepted, they will automatically join your game and be nearby your own character.

Q. What is a host and what is a guest in the co-op mode? 
A. When you invite a friend to play with you in co-op, you are the host and the game takes place in your world. On the other hand, when you are invited to join a friend in co-op, you are a guest in their world.

Q. Will there be in-game voice chat? 
A. Yes, there will be an in-game voice chat.

Q. Is it possible to disable the co-op mode in my game? 
A. Yes, you can choose to disable players joining you in co-op.


Q. How is my progression saved when I invite a friend to join my game in co-op? 
A. In the co-op mode, the narrative of the game is centered on the player hosting the game. As the host, you keep both your World Progression and your Player Progression, exactly as you would in single player mode.

Q. How is my progression saved when I am invited to join a friend’s game in co-op? 
A. The player invited in the host’s game is essentially a “Friend for Hire”. When you join a co-op game as a guest, you are playing in your host’s world and help them progress. 
This means that once you leave the co-op mode after a game as a Friend for Hire, you do not keep the World Progression completed during the co-op session. However, you keep your own Player Progression – XP, in-game currency, inventory items, and more – once you leave the co-op game and are back in your own world.

Q. What progression is not saved when I am playing co-op as a guest? 
A. As the guest, your World Progression, Reputation, and Quest related unlocks are not saved once you are back to your own world.

Q. What is the World Progression? 
A. The World Progression refers to all the quests, activities and contents completed or unlocked within your game. Only the players hosting the co-op game keep their World Progression when playing co-op.

Q. What is the Player Progression? 
A. The Player Progression is your personal progression including your XP, your in-game currency, your inventory items, your items purchased in the shop, your challenges completed, etc. Some specific items unlocked during quests in co-op will not be saved after leaving the co-op session. 
Both host player and Friend for Hire keep their Player Progression in co-op.


Q. Can I play the entire game in co-op? 
A. Yes, you can play the whole game in co-op, excluding the introduction and tutorial. Only once you complete the tutorial, you will be able to invite a friend to play co-op, or join a friend to play co-op in their world.

Q. When is it not possible to join a friend in co-op? 
A. You cannot join a co-op game during a cinematic or if the host has already started some specific missions.

Q. Who can I play co-op with? 
A. Only players from your friends list can join your game as Friend for Hire, or invite you in their game. There is no matchmaking system.

Q. What happens during a cinematic? 
A. When a cinematic starts on the host’s world, it is automatically visible for their Friend for Hire too. Both see the cinematic from the host's perspective, but only the host can skip it.

Q. What loot can I see when I play in co-op? 
A. Each player, host and Friend for Hire, sees their own individual loot during the co-op game.

Q. What does my friend look like in co-op? 
A. You will see your friend’s character that has been customized in their single player campaign.

Q. Do NPCs react differently whether I am playing in co-op? 
A. No, NPCs have the same behavior in co-op as they would in the single player campaign.

Q. Can I and my friend be in to different parts of the map when we play in co-op? 
A. No, your friend and you can’t be too far apart in the world when you play in co-op. If you move too far away from each other, one of you will automatically be spawned back at a closer distance.

Q. Can I start and/or complete a quest when I am invited as Friend for Hire? 
A. No, only the player hosting the co-op game interacts with the NPC giving quests.

Q. Do I see the exact same markers and objectives on the world map as my friend? 
A. Yes, the Friend for Hire sees their host’s map exactly as it is on the host’s game.


Q. Can we hire Gun for Hires during co-op quests? 
A. Only the host can hire a Gun for Hire.

Q. Can both players give orders to the Gun for Hire? 
A. No, only the host can give orders to the Gun for Hire.


Q. Is there Friendly Fire in co-op? 
A. Yes, but only the host can turn this option on. The Friendly Fire option is turned OFF by default.

Q. Can I give ammo and Medkits to my co-op friend? 
A. Yes, when your friend is running low on ammo or is wounded, it is possible to give them ammunition or a Medkit.


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